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I’m a Software Developer that promotes the values of good communication, mentoring and empathy on engineering and software development teams, I'm always with a constant hunger to learn new technologies and improve the ones I currently use.

About me

  • Spanish [Native]
  • English [Professional working proficiency]
  • 16th place in the Regional Programming Contest Zamora 2010 sponsored by IBM.
Professional Formation
  • BS. in Computer Science [Systems Engineering] in Uruapan, Michoacán, México
  • Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree
  • Professional License issued in Mexico: 8416506
  • Video games
  • Travel
  • Live Music
  • Watch Films

Professional Experience

Web Developer

More than years of professional web development, mobile responsive design, development of ERP / CRM internal tools for internal company management and some data mining.
These are some of the programming languages i worked with (hover or click them to see a cool effect 😄)

    Web development instructor

    More than years of teaching in the IT field, delivering content that goes from the basic use of a computer to programming languages both in Spanish and English in México and USA.

    Most recently at Codeup I am responsible of training people from all different backgrounds including beginners without previous experience in coding during a 18 week intensive 9 to 5 program. Teaching common web development practices involving programming languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL and some frameworks / libraries such as jQuery, Node.js and Spring Boot MVC for Java and Laravel for PHP. Along with some of the modern VCS systems as Git and it's workflow in a development team project.
    During the last 2 weeks of the course i take the role of lead IT project manager for several teams of around 3 people to create a capstone project, exposing the students to a basic Agile methodology for software development with the intention of simulating a real web development team environment.

    Personal projects


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