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I am a Software Developer that promotes good communication, mentoring, and empathy in software engineering development teams. I am always with a constant desire to learn new technologies and improve the ones I currently use. Building software tools to help people's day by day routine is my favorite thing in the world.

I am originally from Mexico, currently located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

About me

  • Spanish [Native]
  • English [Professional working proficiency]
  • 16th place in the Regional Programming Contest Zamora 2010 sponsored by IBM.
Professional Formation
  • BS. in Computer Science [Systems Engineering] in Uruapan, Michoacán, México
  • Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree
  • Professional License issued in Mexico: 8416506
  • Video games
  • Travel
  • Live Music
  • Watch Films

Professional Experience

Software Developer

With more than years of professional software development, mobile responsive design, development of ERP / CRM internal tools for internal company management, and some data mining.

These are some of the programming languages I worked with (hover or click them to see a cool effect 😄)

    Web Development Instructor

      I bring more than years of teaching in the IT field, delivering content that goes from the basic use of a computer to programming languages both in Spanish and English in Mexico and the USA.

      More recently at Codeup, I am responsible for training people from all different backgrounds including beginners without previous experience in coding during a 20+ week intensive 9 am to 5 pm program. Teaching common web development practices involving programming languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, and some frameworks/libraries such as jQuery, Node.js, and Spring Boot MVC for Java and Laravel for PHP. Along with some of the modern VCS systems like Git and it's better practices workflow in a development team project.

      During the last 2 weeks of the course, I take the role of lead IT project manager for several teams of around 3 people to create a capstone project, exposing the students to a basic Agile methodology for software development to simulate a real web development team environment.

      Personal projects


      A bunch of text